By Arlie Massey

I arrived in country on April 22, 1970 in a transfer from Frankfurt, Germany.  I was pretty much eaten up with immaturity and insecurity.  I was also very bitter and had a major chip on my shoulder.  Most of you know that I was a major pain in almost everyone’s backside for several months.  I don’t know how you guys put up with me; I’m not sure I would have.  It is obvious now that someone greater than myself was looking out for me and with the help of Him and my 15 year old son I finally grew up at the ripe age of 47.  I also have to credit several of you for help as well.  Thanks, it worked.

After dumping the chip I enjoyed ‘Nam.  Now it wasn’t the best place to be visiting, but I have only happy memories.  I some times laugh myself silly thinking about the toke gatherings and the munchies which followed.  It was almost impossible to eat peanut butter from a spoon afterward.  We thought Bruce Dyer was going to strangle one evening.  I recall the stash getting low and it being my turn to buy; a ‘kee’ as we called it cost a whole total of $20.00.  On returning to the compound Top stopped me near the gate to chat.  Walt later teased me about it looking like I was s…... razor blades trying to get out of the conversation.  I also think Top knew what was going on and just wanted to give me a hot seat.  Well he did; I was definitely worried.

I exited the Army on returning from Nam and entered college.  I graduated in May 1975 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  I began working for Uncle Sam in June 1973 and have been there since.  If my good health continues, I plan on retiring next January (2006).  If it doesn’t, I plan on working to the end.

Of course you guys know that I was married while in Nam; I still am to the same wonderful lady since 1967.  We have one son born Jan. 2, 1980.  He is presently working on his doctorate at Kent State University in Akron, OH.  We found out in the fall last year that he and Walt don’t live too far from each other (about 20 minutes).

Although our address is Triadelphia, we live closer to Wheeling just a few miles from Oglebay Park.

My hobbies are church, family, hunting with a bow (recurve and no sights), and soccer.  I referee high school matches.  A picture is included of the three of us taken Christmas 03.