Bruce Flagler

I got to Nam some time in April 1969. For the first six months I was assigned to A Co. 52nd Signal at Can Tho airfield.

The 52nd was a communication center and I was assigned to the repair storeroom. I arrived as a Spec.4  31S30. I really wasnít doing what I was trained for. So I put in for a transfer to the 2nd CLSU which was located right next door. I got my transfer and finally started doing the job I had trained for.

I remember living in the hotel downtown and sharing a room with Gene Dennebaum, Mark Glandon, Frank Moyer and a couple of others I canít remember. A few months after I arrived they got the idea to build a new site on the old one and move us onto the airfield. That sucked. I remember a lot of long days and nights getting the temporary site set up out at the far end of the airfield. Once we had the new site up and running we also got new barracks. Ones with running water, even hot water.

I didnít want to do stateside duty so I extended my tour for another six months. We didnít get hit too much before I had extended my tour but it seemed like when I got back from leave we were getting hit more often.

I have only really kept in touch with one of the gang. Gene "Denny" Dennebaum. I was in his wedding and he was in mine. We still keep in touch, mostly by email. I havenít seen him in a few years. 

I left Nam Oct 29th 1970 and got out of the Army. Came back to beautiful Troy, NY. Took a couple of months off to catch up and then went to work. That lasted for about 6 months and then I decided to go back to school. Did that for a couple of years and then left school and went work for Troy Belting & Supply Co.. Started there in the warehouse and now 32 years later I am a Territory Manager. I cover 6 counties around the Capital District and into CT and MA. Troy is an industrial distributor serving many plants and manufacturing facilities in the northeast. 

I got married in Aug of 77 divorced in 2007 and have twin sons Brad & Kyle Sept. 23, 1983. While they were growing up I spent a lot of time with them, coaching Little League and alike. Both my boys are 25 now and all grown up and work for a living.  

I was glad to see the site come alive. It would be great to try and do a reunion. I would like to hear from any of the old gang and compare notes. There are a lot of memories that I have forgotten and some I wish I could. Looking back with just a few exceptions I would not change a thing. 

I do remember Ralph, I think he ended up going to some guys from PA&E. When I left there was only a few guys left in the unit. I also remember Spike and Ike. I canít remember which one died first. I remember the cook outs and the volleyball games.  The snake feeds where we had more people watching Ralph hunt down his dinner than they had watching the general hand out medals. I remember the long convoy rides to Saigon and Long Binh. Waiting at the ferry crossing and hoping we didnít get out stuff stolen or worse. 

One thing that stands out still are the Kids. I have lots of pictures and someday I will get them on the web site. I remember the sweetest little girl called Fung. I think that was her name. I wonder what happened to her and all the others we used bring into the hotel and play with. 

I work for a company in Watervliet, NY and just started my 37th year. I am the Safety & Training Coordinator.

Please feel free to drop me a note, I would love to here from the Gang at the 2nd CLSU.

Here is a shot of me at Lake George.