History of the 2nd CLSU

The Old Site

Our original site at Can Tho Airfield was two expandable, air conditioned vans parked back to back and encased in sand bags. One van was Admin and the other was our repair shop. The compound was surrounded by a barbed wire fence. We worked two shifts. That ensured the site was manned 24 hours a day. Ralph was the only one who lived at the old site.



Our original living quarters were at the Hotel in down town Can Tho. Life at the hotel was very kicked back. Outside an occasional guard duty, our time was our own. The city was on limits and we carried passes. Our daily commute was our trusty 3/4 ton truck. Load it up with guys and head out to Can Tho Army Airfield for work. One man in the back was always armed.


Relocation Site

We moved the vans to a temporary location while our new site was being built. Located out by the flight line on the Airfield, we were much more remote. This was an adventure. Now security became a real issue. We continued operations and supplied our own guards 24 hrs a day.


New Site

The new facility was built on our old site. This shot is from the back of the site. The L shaped hooch was to become our new home. Complete with real luxuries like hot water, showers and flush toilets. The building in front was operations and administration. A bunker was built between the buildings.


A Plea for History

We would especially like to hear from 2nd CLSU members who know the story of the beginning or the end of the CLSU's operation in Can Tho. Who originally setup the old site? Who were the last to leave (in '73?)? What happened to Ralph? Please contact one of us on the Contact page if you know. We'll add the stories.

57th Signal Welcome Letter

Click Here for Information Letter to Incoming Personnel by the 57th Sig Co. Long Binh (Thanks to Greg of the 7th CLSU)