Crypto Machines
Most of us never thought we'd ever see this equipment again. Everything about it was highly classified so pictures and descriptions were clearly forbidden. Maintaining the equipment you see below and supplying the daily key settings, cables, batteries and anything else about that equipment was our sole mission at the CLSU's.
40 years has passed, the equipment has been retired and we live in the Internet age. You can imagine our surprise when we found this Online. We also learned the equipment can be bought on E-Bay. Things really are different today.
The following images and info are from a website by Jerry Proc. Jerry is from Etobicoke Ontario and his interest in this equipment came from a completely different direction than ours. He has graciously given us permission to link to his site and use his research and hard work.

Thank you very much Jerry.

  (Click on any of the pictures or links below to see a page from Jerry's site. Click Here to go to his master Crypto Machines page.)  
Orestes Crypto System
Teletype Encryption Device 

(Photo by Jerry Proc)

NESTOR Equipment Family

Voice Encryption Devices
Vehicle Mounted
(Photo by Brooke Clarke/George Mace)
(Photo by Jerry Proc)
Man Pack
(Photo by Jerry Proc)
(Another KY38 Webpage with lots of details)