Bruce Flagler

Bruce lost his battle with ALS on the morning of June 1, 2010.

He passed away peacefully at home at the age of 62.

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Ever since his diagnosis with ALS, Bruce worked tirelessly to raise awareness of those suffering from the disease and to raise funds for those supplying services to ALS patients. After he retired, he volunteered at  St Peter's ALS Regional Center where he was an inspiration acknowledged by all.

At the viewing, there was a continuous stream as hundreds of family, friends, supporters, coworkers, clients and golf partners came to pay their last respects to a man who was obviously loved and well respected.

There was a very long procession, led by Patriot Guard Riders, that ran every red light and tied up cross traffic all the way to the cemetery. (Bruce was loving that!)

He worked exactly 37 years at Troy Belting and Supply Co. when he retired on February 26, 2010. (There were stories told about Bruce and some of the pranks he pulled that sounded exactly like the Flagler I knew for 40+ years.) There was not a dry eye in the place as everyone agreed the man and his sense of humor will be sorely missed.

Below are some pictures from his funeral. Followed by a link to the 'Tribute to Bruce' page, a video of a Roast presentation and pictures from visits by Mark Glandon and I over the last year.


Funeral Pictures


Lead by Deacon Paul Carney

St. John's Episcopal Church

Troy, NY

Last Walk

Friends and family members formed the eight pall bearers who carried Bruce from the hearse to the grave site. (That is Mark Glandon in the grey suite on the right. I'm on the left of the casket and can not be seen in this picture.)

Flag Line

Patriot Guard Riders

These guys are great. They assembled at the funeral home forming a flag line at the entrance. Then led the funeral procession to the cemetery on motorcycles with flags unfurled. We saw people along the route standing at attention and saluting as we drove past.

US Army Honor Guard

A two man honor guard was provided by the Army. A bugler blew Taps at the grave site. Bruce's sons Brad and Kyle each received a folded flag.

Recent Pictures and Links

May 2010  Pete, Gene, Bruce, Mark, Brad & Kyle Hoffman
4/1/2010 - Lebanon Valley Raceway
Bruce, Gene and Mark Bruce, Gene & Mark

4/25/2009 - Lebanon Valley Raceway

Kyle, Bruce, Mark and Gene Kyle Hoffman, Bruce, Mark & Gene

4/25/2009 - Lebanon Valley Raceway

Tribute to Bruce

Visit this page to see a 15 minute video on Bruce and his battle with ALS.

You will also find links to sites for ALS Information and places where donations would be greatly appreciated.

Video of 'Flagler Roast'

(Length - 8:35)

In October of 2009, a Roast was held in Bruce's honor by the folks he works with. Here is a video of my contribution. You will recognize some of the places and stories.