2nd CLSU Taps


In Memoriam of Our Fallen Members



  SP5 Gary Barlow

Date around 1990

Small Plane Crash


SP4 James Bickelhaupt

Date Unknown


  CW3 Gary Bright (Last CO @ 2nd CLSU)

April 11, 2011   age 71

Heart failure

  SP5 Bruce Flagler

June 1, 2010  age 62



1st Sgt Joe Tritz


Sept 10, 1985,   age 58

Heart failure


Capt. Bernie Vollrath


June 20, 2014   age 72 (CO @ 2nd CLSU)

Cause of death unknown


Sgt. Jerry Currier


Feburary 28, 2011,  in Texas

Cause of death unknown

  Sadly, this page is always subject to change. We update it as we learn more. If you know other names that should be on this list, please contact Gene by email at gene@2ndclsu.com